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Diet and Exercise (3)

healthy exercise 300x214 Diet and Exercise (3)Solutions to your diet before and after exercise:

4. Fat deficiency
All body parts are made of fat, including muscle. Fat is needed to restore the condition of the body after exercise. Without eating fat, will limp body of work that affects bone muscle. Do not be afraid of getting fat when eating fat after exercise. You can still eat meat with fat like extra virgin olive oil, or a Balance with avocado and almonds. Do not forget to also include omega-3 fatty acid intake in the daily menu.

5. Calorie consumption in large numbers
It is true that, after training there are still calories burned, at least 50 calories. But this is not justification for you to consume large amounts of calories before exercise. Use the principle of 50-50. That is, the calories you consume should be enough to exercise and no rest for the reserves after a workout so you do not need to rush to eat heavy. You can try to eat peanut butter the bread before workout. Then in the middle of your workout can eat yogurt without the fat. After the exercises continue to consume pieces of strawberries with toping a tablespoon of almonds.


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