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Why Do Smart People Stay Greater Lives? (1)

tanya 2 Why Do Smart People Stay Greater Lives? (1)We all know it to be true! They do live better lives! But, why? There appears to be no clear answer in the beginning! What’s it about these ‘wise’ people who makes life seem therefore care-free and unlimited? We all know for certain that no one’s life is really that great! Right? I believe? Nothing about that phenomenon appears to make any rational sense in the beginning glance! But, wait, issues aren’t because they first seem always. Continue reading »

Where Will You Be in Next 5 Years?

This is an interesting question that I got from watching ‘How I met your mother’ in final season one!

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Then, what is your answer? The thing is, you need to make a decision so you know what direction you’ll go. Letting yourself ‘flow’ like water is the worst decision you can make because there will be the day that you regret it.

For me, I want to go back to college using scholarship called beasiswa s2 luar negeri. I want to take master degree for design so I’ll get better career. If you want to find scholarship, just need to visit this awesome website.

Mucha love!


Always be Able to Adapt to the Latest Technology

benefit 300x291 Always be Able to Adapt to the Latest TechnologyModern world creates many things that make people easy in doing their jobs. Many new technologies and inventions are using by many people because they really need them and they really help people in doing works. At home, we’re familiar in using the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave, etc. to help homeowners doing their home jobs. Continue reading »

Little Stress Can Make Longevity (2)

At that time, the body produces free radicals and hormones, like cortical that damage body tissues. However, then our bodies feel the damage, then call the army reformer. If stress is a brief effect, you can heal yourself quickly, and has a residual energy to perform daily repairs, such as scratches or bruises. Continue reading »

Little Stress Can Make Longevity

stress Little Stress Can Make LongevityGenerally, we will attempt to break free from pressure or stress. In fact, recent research actually says, we also need to stress when running our days. How did this happen?

According to Edward Calabrese, PhD, a toxicologist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, there is 2 types of stress. That is not good for our lives is a chronic and uncontrollable stress, such as the pressure caused by an unhappy marriage or a family member is seriously ill. Continue reading »